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Learn about the difference between normal aging and dementia, the importance of a diagnosis, different types of dementia, the impact of changes to the brain, the progression of Alzheimer's disease, person-centred care and how the Alzheimer Society of Toronto can help.

Intended audience: Family Caregivers
Language: English
Estimated Time: 60 minutes

Improve communication with the person with dementia by learning about our desire to connect, our need for communication, how dementia changes communication and some creative communication strategies.

Intended audience: Family Caregivers
Language: English
Estimated time: 60 minutes
Recommended prerequisite: Dementia 101: Basics

Improve your interactions with the person with dementia by learning to understand possible causes of behaviours and strategies to respond to behaviours.

Intended audience: Family Caregivers
Language: English
Estimated time: 60 minutes
Recommended prerequisites: Dementia 101: BasicsDementia 102: Communication

Learn how you can help people with dementia live safely within the community and how to interact with someone who might be lost.

Intended audience: Retirement home, supportive housing and paramedic staff 
Language: English
Estimated time: 60 minutes

Renseignez-vous sur la manière d’aider les personnes atteintes de troubles cognitifs à vivre en toute sécurité dans la collectivité et la façon d’interagir avec une personne atteinte de troubles cognitifs qui s’est peut-être égarée.

Public cible : personnel des résidences pour personnes âgées, des logements avec services de soutien et des services paramédicaux
Langue : Français
Durée approximative : 60 minutes

Intended audienceEmployees of organizations in the retail (stores and restaurants), library and recreation, and public transit sectors of the community.
Language: English
Estimated time: 75 minutes (modules + discussion)

Learn about how organizations and their employees can help to build dementia-friendly communities where people living with dementia and their care partners feel welcomed, included and supported.