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The live webinars listed below are meant for Health Care professionals only.

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Learn to recognize how dementia impacts driving ability, warning signs and how to support a person with dementia when they can no longer drive safely.

Learn about typical treatments for mental illnesses when combined with Neurocognitive changes. Focus on supportive strategies for frontline care partners to better support older adults living with Neurocognitive Disorders and Mental Illness. 

Presented by guest speakers Tara Resnick & Hazel Sebastian – Psychogeriatric Resource Consultants.

This workshop will help care partners of a person with dementia in mid-to-late stages to develop and participate in meaningful activities. The goal is to provide practical ideas on how participants can spend quality time together by identifying and drawing upon the person’s remaining strengths.

Cite some of the general findings and research directions in Alzheimer’s disease such as its cause, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure, care and support

Upcoming sessions : Thu, 8 Sep 2022, 2:00 PM (EST)

Learn about the 3 D’s, prevalence of 3 D’s, causes/risk factors, strategies to address each of the 3 D’s, and how you can support the person you are caring for while they are experiencing any of these conditions.

Upcoming sessions : Thu, 8 Sep 2022, 11:00 AM (EST)

Learn the changes in communication that occur in people with dementia and learn about strategies to communicate and support the individual using a person-centred approach. 

Learn about Dementia Care Navigation. This webinar will provide information on connecting people living with dementia and their care partners to dementia support and services. You will gain an overview of community services, how to refer, and how we can work together to support clients living with dementia in the community.

Learn about what social isolation looks like for seniors including seniors with Dementia during Covid-19 and some ways to support clients navigate the healthcare system.

Learn about young onset dementia in this webinar.  This live webinar will provide with an overview of Young Onset Dementia, the impact on the person and the family and strategies to support the person living with dementia and their families

Learn about supportive strategies to help people living with dementia and their caregiver(s) in the transition to Long Term Care.