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Learn about the new First Link Care Navigation available through the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

The Care Navigators can provide assistance to your clients by connecting them to dementia support and services, and supporting them in coordinating any existing supports.

In this webinar, you will gain an overview of the services we can provide, how to refer, and how we can work together to support clients living with dementia in the community.

Enhance your skills by differentiating the 3Ds, understanding risk factors and identifying steps to support the care team

Learning Objectives

- Understand the terms and differentiate between delirium, depression and dementia
- Know the prevalence rates of the 3Ds in different settings  
- Identify the risk factors / causes associated with each of the 3Ds  
- Highlight the importance of accurate identification of the 3Ds  
- Discuss steps in addressing each of the 3Ds