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Online Dementia Care Education: GPA eLearning

GPA eLearning


Do you work with older adults living with dementia?

GPA eLearning is a practical evidence-based curriculum that will increase your knowledge, skills and confidence in person-centred dementia care and responsive behaviours.

Who can take GPA?

GPA eLearning is available to all care providers interacting with persons living with dementia and expressing responsive behaviour, including, but not limited to front-line care staff; returning staff; redeployed staff; agency staff; personal support workers (PSWs); dietary, rehabilitation, orthopaedic and palliative staff; social service workers; respiratory and recreational therapists; staff in community care; maintenance personnel; healthcare students; military and corrections personnel, etc.

Offered by:AGE Inc


Licenses for large-group learning are also available. Please contact for more information.



What is GPA eLearning?

GPA eLearning is an adapted version our full-day GPA Basics education session. It guides participants to better understand dementia and responsive behaviours in order to interact respectfully, effectively and safely in a healthcare or community setting.

Language: English and French

Session Time:  2.5 to 3 hours

Technical Support: Online technical support is available.

Course Content

GPA eLearning includes key content from our full-day GPA Certified Coach-facilitated GPA Basics education session, delivered via short video tutorials from the four modules in a GPA Basics Education session. It also includes demonstration videos on respectful redirection and self-protection techniques for use when a person living with dementia is expressing responsive behaviours.

GPA eLearning is an engaging learning experience, based on adult-learning principles, enriched through vibrant graphics and professional narration. Following along in the GPA eManual (downloadable at the start of a session), participants review video segments and complete online matching activities at the end of modules 1, 2 and 3. Module 4 is delivered in the same video format and demonstrates respectful self-protection and gentle redirection techniques.

  • Basic computing skills.
  • Comfort in learning through reading and listening to information online.
  • Good time-management skills.
  • Hardware: PC or Mac.
  • For best experience, the Chrome browser is recommended. Internet speed 400 Kb/s.
Participant Expectations
  • AGE recommends that GPA eLearning be completed in one sitting to ensure learning continuity and strong knowledge retention.
  • A GPA eLearning Certificate of Completion may be downloaded by participant upon completion of the full session.
Learning Objectives

At the end of the online session, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize persons with dementia as unique human beings who can display an emotional response to stimuli.
  • Understand that behaviour is related to brain function and that it is critical to apply strategies that maximize remaining strengths and compensate for losses.
  • Use caregiving strategies that support persons at risk for delirium.
  • Choose strategies that prevent and defuse responsive behaviours.
  • Apply suitable and respectful physical techniques to situations of risk at the point of care.
Delivery Methods

The course is comprised of the following materials and delivery methods

  • One 2.5 to 3-hour online learning session.
  • Session includes full-colour downloadable GPA Basics Manual.
  • AGE recommends that GPA eLearning be completed in one sitting to ensure learning continuity and strong knowledge retention.
  • Headset recommended (not included) for a quality audio experience.