How Do I Get Started?

The Alzheimer Society offers dementia-specific educational programs to anyone caring for someone with memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, or Dementia. Choose from a variety of education programs in the learning environment where you are most comfortable.

Our programs include the following learning options:

  • Online Courses - Lead by a facilitator or self-paced
  • Live Webinars - Interactive online presentations lead by a facilitator
  • Classroom based Workshops - Lead by a class facilitator

Our programs are flexible and geared toward the learning needs of different groups including personal support workers, activationists, nurses, dietary and housekeeping staff, students, volunteers and friendly visitors.

To help understand what type of learning might best suit you, please take our self-assessment quiz:

Accessing AlzEducate

Before you begin, please review the Technical Considerations and our Browser Check page to verify that your computer setup is compatible.

Full access to AlzEducate requires a username and password. If you do not have an AlzEducate account, you can Create a New Account here.

If you have an account but have forgotten your username or password, please refer to the Forgotten Password page.

Logging In

Click the Login link in the top right of your screen.

Enter your credentials in the Username and Password fields.
login credentials

Click the Login button to authenticate. The My Home page appears listing any courses you are currently enrolled in.


The My Home page illustrated below is the starting point for all courses you are enrolled in or are a member of. This page is divided into two sections.

My Home

On the left is the Navigation block, the Online Users block and the Administration block.  The term block refers to a particular cluster of configurable settings.  Each block will have a unique name.

The Navigation block allows you to navigate between and within a course. This block is available to you from the initial login page, My Courses and throughout Moodle


The Online Users block shows a list of users who have logged into courses you are currently enrolled in. The list is updated on a regular basis.

The Administration block is a contextual block, which offers different setting options depending on your current location in Moodle.  It is a commonly used when editing your profile or accessing course grades.

The symbol indicates that sub-options exist in a particular category. Clicking each symbol will reveal additional options in that menu.

The right section of the page displays a list of your courses and any notifications pertaining to those courses.

my home right column

The right section also contains the Upcoming Events block. A list of events associated with any courses you have enrolled in will be displayed. This could include:

  • Webinar sessions you've registered for
  • Course quizzes
  • Assignment due dates

When you are on the AlzEducate website, you may also notice the Breadcrumbs bar at the top left of each page. It is a series of links located directly below the page title which displays where you are on the site. Click any of these links to go back to a previous page.



Your Moodle Profile

The first time you login to AlzEducate, you should update your profile. Your profile includes information about you, such as your name, picture, e-mail address, mailing address, and interests you might want to share. Please refer to the Managing your Profile help page for information on setting up your profile.

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