Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

There are several steps you must complete to access a course / webinar on AlzEducate.

  1. Create an account on AlzEducate - to access any course you must create your own account to login to the website.

    Click here to Create an Account

  2. Enroll in a course / webinar - browse our list of available courses and click Enroll to join the course.

    Click here to Browse our Course List

  3. Register for a Webinar Session (for Webinars only - Webinar courses require that you register for a session on a specific time / date. Select the session that works best for you.

    Click here to learn more about How to Attend a Webinar

To recover/reset a username or lost password, please follow this link: Lost Password
For general help getting started with Moodle, please visit How Do I Get Started?. For inquiries that are specific to a course, please contact your course facilitator. For any other questions, please contact
Courses and Webinars are listed under different categories within Moodle. Visit one of the following links to browse or search for your desired course

Course Content

Please ensure that you have the appropriate application to open your document (Example: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Adobe Reader). If in doubt, check with your course Facilitator.
Some recent versions of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge) require you to allow / enable flash individually for each webpage. Check our browser requirements on the Technical Considerations help page. For any other questions, please contact your course Facilitator.
Check our list of supported mobile devices in Technical Considerations For any other questions, please contact your course Facilitator.
A check box beside each activity helps you (and the course facilitator) track your progress throughout the course. When a box is checked it indicates that the corresponding activity has been completed.
Checkbox manual Boxes with a solid border are boxes you can check yourself once the activity is complete
checkbox auto Boxes with dotted border will check automatically when the conditions for completion of that activity are met


For guidance on how to register and attend a webinar on AlzEducate, please refer to How to attend a webinar.
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