How to take a Quiz

The following information will assist you with taking and submitting a quiz within your course.

Important Information before attempting a quiz

  • Ensure that you have the recommended browser settings (please refer to our Technical Requirements page for more information).
  • Navigating away from a timed quiz will not pause the timer. The quiz will be submitted automatically when the time expires.

Taking a Quiz

  1. Click the quiz icon Quiz activity on your course home page. A Quiz summary screen will appear, which will display any instructions provided by your instructor.. Information regarding the number of attempts, time available for quiz will also be displayed on this page.

  2. Click the Attempt Quiz Now button to begin taking the quiz. A pop up screen will appear asking if you are sure you wish to begin your attempt.
  3. Click the Start attempt to begin.
  4. If enabled by your instructor, click the question number in the Quiz Navigation block if you would like to navigate within questions. The quiz navigation blocks displays the question number, the quiz timer for timed quizzes and a link to finish the attempt.
  5. Answer the question in the quiz.
  6. Click the Next button to move on to the next questions, the previous question will be saved automatically.
  7. Click the Flag question icon if you would like to flag a question. You can go back to the questions you have flagged to review from Summary of attempts page before submitting the quiz. The instructor will be able to see which questions were flagged while marking.
  8. Click the Submit all and finish button on Summary of attempts page to submit your quiz attempt. A confirmation pop-up will appear asking you to confirm whether you would like to submit your attempt.
  9. Click the Submit all and finish to confirm your submission. You will be directed to review your answers before completion.

Reviewing A Quiz Attempt

Your instructor determines the information that you can review for each Quiz attempt. To review your attempt at a later time, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Quiz title on the Course home page. You will be brought to a summary screen that will list your attempts.
  2. Click the Review link to view the quiz review.

Last modified: Thursday, 20 October 2016, 4:29 PM