Managing your Profile

Your profile contains important information that instructors and other students can use to learn more about you. It's also where you can define how you want to receive email notifications and participate in forums.

When you are first registered on the AlzEducate site, your profile is automatically created using the information you provided. Keeping your profile up-to-date will help our instructors and other students to communicate effectively with you throughout any courses you take.

Please make sure to update your profile when:

  • you first login to AlzEducate
  • your email address changes
  • your mailing address changes

You can also:

  • add an image of yourself which will display next to your contributions - for example, to your posts on discussion forums
  • add information about yourself and your interests
  • decide whether you wish to display your email address to others
  • select how you wish to be contacted about what’s happening in your courses (configure your notification settings).


How to View/Update Your Profile

On the My home page or the course home page, in the Administration block, click to expand My profile settings, then select Edit profile.

edit profile

Your basic profile details will be displayed, along with the default selections of a number of different settings.
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Last modified: Thursday, 20 October 2016, 3:54 PM