Technical Considerations

Browser Requirements

This website is compatible with most modern desktop and mobile device web browsers. The following list of browser versions are supported:

  • firefox Mozilla Firefox 4 and up
  •  Internet Explorer 8 and up
  •  Safari 5 and up
  • chrome Google Chrome 11 and up

For the AlzEducate website to function correctly, it is recommended that the following browser requirements are met: 

  1. Pop-ups are enabled (see How to Enable Popups)
  2. Cookies are enabled
  3. Check that Flash Player is up to date and Enabled in your browser

Mobile Devices

This website has also been designed to work on a variety of mobile devices. The following list of mobile devices have been tested and are supported:

  •  Apple iPad (iOS5+)
  • android Android 4.0+
Please Note: Some course materials may not be compatible with your mobile device. For the best results, please access webinars from a desktop or laptop computer.

Audio Requirements

To participate in webinars it is recommended that your computer or mobile device contains a microphone and external speakers (built-in or headset). While most computers or devices have built-in microphones and speakers, you will get better audio quality if you use a headset.

Webinar audio can also be accessed via a telephone conference line provided within the meeting details.

Other Technical Considerations

  • Session timeout: Be aware that if you do not perform any actions within AlzEducate for a period of four (4) hours, your browsing session will timeout. This means that any of your unsaved/non-submitted work will be lost. It is advisable to compose and edit your work in an external text editor (e.g., Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac) to reduce the risk of losing your work if your Internet connection is interrupted or your session times out.
  • File formats: Certain file formats will not be accessible to your instructor and/or other students in your course. For example, the Microsoft Office 2007 format of .docx may not be accessible to users using previous versions of Microsoft OfficeMake sure to verify the appropriate file formats with your instructor before submitting your work.
  • Mobile usage: If you are accessing a course using a mobile device, please note that not all functionality within AlzEducate may be compatible with your specific mobile configuration. We recommend that you use your mobile device to check for course updates and messaging only. Please do not rely on your mobile device for time-sensitive assignment submissions, quizzes, or any other complex functions of AlzEducate.
Last modified: Wednesday, 6 February 2019, 8:17 AM